"How a freakish encounter while on holiday in our Motorhome turned my thinking on its head – and will guarantee YOU make money online before the year is out."

Dear friend,

I was stunned.

It all happened last week while we were staying at a caravan park in Cornwall.

Kate and I were returning to our Motorhome after a long walk with Leila, our 7-year-old German Shepherd.

Suddenly a man shouted, “Hey, wait up!”. We turned round and saw this guy running towards us.

Out of breath he said, “Excuse me! I don’t mean to be rude… but are you Nick James?”

“Err, yes,” I replied gingerly… “Why do you ask?”

“I was sitting in my chair just now, finishing this book. When I looked up I saw you walking past our pitch.” ...and he held up a copy of my book Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing.

It was crazy. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

He told me his name was Richard. I shook his hand and introduced him to Kate.

He said many kind things about my book… and then told me his story: He was bored with his job, going through the motions, working with a bully of a boss, and sick to death of his daily commute. This is why he has a caravan: to get away from everything as often as he can… to do what he wants when he wants, rather than what he has to do at work.

He desperately wanted a way out and had big plans for making money online.

He had spent thousands of dollars on courses over the last few years and his head was so overflowing with information that he was utterly confused.

But he shared with me his plan for how he was going to make money over the next few months, and what he had previously being doing in his spare time to get his business going…

…and my heart sank.

He had taken everything I’d shared in the book, added in his previous knowledge, and was overcomplicating EVERYTHING!

His thinking was wrong…

… and what he was DOING was wrong too.

My heart bled for him.

  • He thought he would have to battle with the technical aspects of setting up his online business before he could make his first pound/dollar online – but he was wrong.
  • He thought there was no way to build an email list due to the new data privacy rules that came into effect last year – but he was wrong.
  • He thought that there was no way to get instant targeted traffic to his website – but he was wrong.
  • He thought he would need to slave away creating his own product, or write a book like mine, before he could make his first dollar online – but he was wrong.
  • And finally, he thought Brexit would screw things up for him – but he didn’t realise that the majority of his customers would actually be from the USA, so Brexit was irrelevant.

I ran to my motorhome, grabbed an A4 pad and a Sharpie pen, and sat down with him at a rickety folding table at his pitch.

I spent the next 40 minutes laying out all the steps to take, and many things to avoid – and even used a nearby ketchup bottle and salt and pepper pots as props to explain some important ideas. Richard finally understood what he needed to do next, and gave me the biggest bearhug when I got up to leave.

My massive ‘aha!’ insight

Back at the motorhome I talked to Kate for ages.

I realised there must be many, many people just like Richard who are confused, frozen into inaction – and often doing the wrong things when it came to putting their plan into action.

And the more I talked to Kate, the more excited and animated I got.

I opened up my laptop… and right then and there…

I typed up everything I’d just shared with Richard and added a few extra ideas and details. I juggled the steps around, drew some sketches on paper, took photos with my smartphone, and dropped these onto some PowerPoint slides.

The more I typed, the more I added, and the more excited I became as I realised I could narrow the whole thing down to a simple 6-Step Process I’ve called the Profit Maker Blueprint.

This a new system – based on what works today not yesterday – that is proven to work if you follow the simple steps, even if you think you are a complete beginner.

And the best way I could think of to share this with you is to teach you in person – face-to-face.

That way you’ll be able to give this your focused attention, so you’re fully immersed in my new process, and able to go off and make it all happen as soon as you get back home.

It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike.

When I was 5½ years old I begged my Dad to take the stabilisers off my bike so I could go faster and have more fun with the bigger boys in the neighbourhood.

I was scared, but my Dad was so kind and ran alongside me, holding the saddle as I wobbled along, until he finally let go and I rode off on my own, feeling like I was the King of the World.

I taught my eldest son Daniel to ride his first bike the same way my lovely Dad taught me.

And I want to be there for you over a weekend, as you start your incredible journey – holding your hand every step of the way.

Most likely you’ll start by feeling a little scared, but you’ll grow in confidence, you’ll wobble a bit from time to time… then finally you’ll master the blueprint that I have been slaving over. And you’ll have a skill that you can use for the rest of your life.

Like with riding a bike, once learned, never forgotten.

What this means is that you will finally have a blueprint for online success, that actually works and will keep on working.

The thing I’m looking forward to the most, is seeing your smiling face at the end of the event, knowing that you will be leaving and earning all the money you can possibly want… because everything you need is now in your hands.

So this really is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

What’s more…

This is all happening just a few weeks from now and because my blueprint is called Profit Maker, I’m calling the event Profit Maker Live…

Arrive on Friday morning, October 4th, and I’ll share with you this brand new way of looking at getting all the profits you need…

…and a secret resource that’s as easy to use as throwing a light switch to get instant traffic. It really is that easy.

And I’ll share with you my new Geometric List Building Process which will enable you to grow an email list as fast as you want…

…a process which continues to add thousands of names to my own list each and every month.

You’ll also learn…

  • The 7 traffic sources that are now a complete waste of time – and why
  • The 3 traffic sources that are working better than ever – as long as you make the super-smart tweaks I’ll share with you
  • The embarrassing hiccup that happened earlier this year when I was promoting my Six Figures book (see opposite) that cost me more than $100k – and how to make sure you never fall foul of this yourself
  • The 9 newest tricks and tweaks that Kate and I have added that are adding serious money to our bottom line – and you can implement most of them in minutes
  • The 7-word glorious piece of advice from my scuba diver instructor as we were about to enter the second largest indoor aquarium in the world – one that was full with sharks – that could enable you to double your profits

…and much more.

But more than anything, you’ll learn how to drive tons of traffic to build an email list so you can start selling products and making real money.

But once you have started to grow your list what do you do next?

Turn your list into a money machine

You need to reach out regularly to your email subscribers with short, snappy email messages that are designed to get them to buy a product.

I’ll be handing you over to a friend of mine who is a brilliant short email copywriter, who will share with you his 11-step formula for writing these exact types of emails – emails that get opened, read, and compel the reader to buy.

Use Facebook for faster profits

Facebook is a brilliant place to accelerate your business growth. My go-to person who generates thousands of dollars a month in business for me, will show you the 3 reasons why online marketers screw up with Facebook and the 4 simple things to ensure you make stunning profits from this site.

Accelerated growth

It’s one thing to sell products at $7, $17, $47 or even $97 – but it’s another thing entirely to sell ‘high ticket products’ which are designed to be sold to a smaller number of customers – but it’s often where you can make the biggest profits. That means making 6 figures or more a year.

When we meet, you’ll learn all about high-ticket products which can sell for $1,000 or more with ease …and I’ll also introduce you to someone I’ve asked to share with you an amazingly effective formula called The OSOK Formula, which you can use to squeeze the maximum profit out of each person on your list whenever you feel ready.

You’ll also learn how to graduate from one-off sales to moving to ‘continuity income’ so you get paid month after month (for as long as 4-5 years in many cases).

This is what I call Hands-Off Auto Profits.

You’ll discover the latest tricks to outsourcing like a superstar, using people who are more skilled than you at certain key tasks, while paying them tiny amounts of money per hour -- and they’ll do their wonderful work for you while you sleep.


You’ll learn about the 3-step Online Time Machine technique to imagine your perfect future – living your ideal lifestyle, deciding how many hours you want for leisure time – then creating a simple plan to make that brilliant future become reality.

…all brand new, cutting edge techniques that will inspire, entertain and motivate you massively to put what you’re learning into practice as soon as you get home.

  • Name
    "Nick is like the genius ‘Q’ in the James Bond films. He is always inventing awesome new techniques and solutions. Each thing he creates gives me another competitive edge. It's no wonder he was voted Internet Marketer of the year recently, chosen from dozens and dozens of other super-successful online entrepreneurs."
    Chris Harris Westerham, Kent

And here’s the best part…

My new Profit Maker System is really simple to put into practice. It has to be, because most of the biggest businesses in the world have simple systems at their core. They’re just executed well, often with automated software.

And I’ll show you how to automate as much as possible so you make great money from the very best use of the spare time you have available.

And this can all happen so quickly…

Imagine it’s Christmas Day – which is just 2 months away – with all the treats that you have wanted to buy for yourself and your family… laughing, joking, teasing, totally relaxed, without a care in the world.

No longer will you have a sinking feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach at the thought of the high costs of creating a truly memorable Christmas for the whole family.

In fact, this is going to be your best Christmas ever.

Nothing in your way

There will be nothing to stop you building an email list of 3,000 to 5,000 people…

...nothing to stop you being able to command the attention of those prospects on a daily basis…

...and nothing that would stop you from having hundreds of buyers – which means money in the bank to spend as you please.

Some of your buyers will have purchased one-off items, while others will have joined your continuity programme or membership site, paying you every single month.

In fact, just imagine for a moment what a difference it could make to your Christmas if you had 25 or perhaps 50 people paying you $37 a month.

50 people paying you $37 each month means an extra $1,850 per month …and that’s just for starters – because you could end up with hundreds of members in due course!

How would that make a difference to your life?

Would that also make a massive difference to the way other people think about you too? (That’s if you decide to tell them – which you might not.)

You’ll be able to start each new month of 2020 knowing that, give or take 10%, and without even putting in the extra hours, you could be banking almost two grand a month…

...and all thanks to the plan I will be sharing with you when we meet.

There’s nothing to stop you being in this position because everything you need to make this happen, has been taken care of.

Get all your questions answered

I know how easy it is to feel confused when you hear new information. So, if anything I say over the weekend doesn’t make complete sense to you, I’ve got this covered. When you arrive on the Friday morning I’ll point out 3 experienced friends of mine who I have assigned to answer any question you may have should I be tied up helping someone else. This means you’ll always have somebody to talk to, and you’ll never feel stuck.

Knowledge alone leads to profits – but you’ll get far more than that.

You’ll also get products, tools and templates…

To build your list and make money from it , you need high-quality products to offer for free to get people to give you their email address – and other, even better products, which you can sell to them. I’ve got this handled for you.

So once I’ve shared with you everything in my new system, and it all makes complete sense, I’m going to give you a super-valuable treasure trove…

The ‘Get-There-Faster’
Profits Accelerator


Kate and I will give you a USB memory stick for you to use immediately after you return home.

On it you will find everything to need to sit down at your computer on Monday morning …and hit the ground running, including:

  • 12 rebrandable ‘Micro Products’ with a ‘click one button’ system that adds your real name or a pen name to the cover which you can give away for free – or even sell – to get people to sign up to your email list
  • 15 High-Value Products you can sell from $17 to as much as $47
  • A simple 4-step training that shows you how to use 2 simple software programs to get these products online ... and ready to build your list and make you money.
  • 50 Instant Fill-In-The-Blanks Email Marketing Messages that you can quickly customize and send to your growing list of email subscribers to get them to visit any web page and buy.
  • 3 Fill-In-The-Blanks Sales Letter Templates to turbocharge the sales of any product you may have

…and much more.

I sat down with a calculator this morning and added up what I think this memory stick is worth and came to a whopping $2,347 – more than 10 times your investment for the weekend.

But that’s not all!
Profit Maker Live actually has 3 parts to it…

1. Before the event

2. At the event

3. After the event

Before the event we’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to fill in so you can tell us what your level of experience is, what skills you have and don’t have, and what you want to achieve financially before Christmas. This will help me customise the presentations for the weekend, so you get maximum impact from our time together.

You already know about the event itself and the incredible memory stick which you can use to turn the information into money. So let’s turn to what happens after the event is over…

It’s too easy to leave a workshop and fall back into bad habits. But I’ve got this handled.

Never before have I spilt so much blood, sweat and tears putting together such a detailed post event training… that’s because I want to leave nothing to chance…

…which is why I’ve created FIVE incredible ways to guarantee your success…

  • 1

    Turbocharger Webinar

    On the Friday following the workshop we’ll get together on a webinar and review where you are, discuss what you’ve tried, and answer any questions you have. If you can’t make this webinar live, you can watch the replay.

  • 2

    Fill-In-The-Gaps Bonus Report

    Email me at a unique address with any question about my new system and I’ll answer you via a unique Bonus Report so you achieve Maximum Results in minimal time.

  • 3

    Success Coaching By Email

    Every day for 3 weeks I’ll be emailing you a custom-written message to keep you on track, and to ensure you’re following the oh-so-simple TTTDT Productivity Supercharger that’s laid out clearly on the memory stick. It’s like me putting my arm round your shoulder to give you a burst of encouragement to keep you on track every single day.

  • 4

    Star Student £2,500 Prize Draw

    Exactly three weeks after the workshop, on the 27th October, Kate and I will judge how you have been implementing the TTTDT Productivity Supercharger, and using the materials on the memory stick. If we think you’ve tried the hardest, we’ll reward your effort with £2,500 tax free cash and a beautiful certificate to commemorate your tremendous achievement! Everyone’s a winner because, even if you don’t win the £2,500, you’ll be so much further ahead and making money anyway! Plus you’ll find out what the winner did to justify their win – and Kate and I will link you to a video of our in-depth conversation with them. This will be a brilliant case study to learn from which you can clone or adapt and make money from yourself!

  • 5

    Seven-Week Final Sprint

    After 7 weeks, around the 24th November, I’ll host a webinar to give you all the support I can to help you bring in as much money as possible before Christmas Day. We’ll set a clear action plan with the awesome deadline of 25th December to ensure you have your best Christmas ever!

I hope you can see that I’ve worked very hard to think of everything I can do to help you end 2019 on a massive high with real profits in your bank account. You really do deserve this – and much more.

By now, I’m sure you’re feeling super excited to join me for this fantastic event which begins on Friday 4th October.

And you have probably got one question on the tip of your tongue…

How much will this cost?

Considering that I normally charge £10,000 a day for private consultations, and previous one-day group trainings have cost between £2,000 and £5,000…

…I think you’ll be surprised and delighted to hear that your investment is just £499 + VAT for 3 full days together plus the ‘Get-There-Faster’ Profits Accelerator memory stick plus the 5-plan implementation system in the weeks afterward.

Your Special Early Bird Discount –
But ONLY When You Confirm
Your Place Today...

I know you want the very best deal, so when you click the button below, you’ll get a generous £100 ‘early bird discount’ off the regular ticket price.

So you pay just £399 + VAT.

Click Here Now To Secure Your Place At Profit Maker Live

This ‘early bird discount’ is only available for a very short time… So to guarantee your seat for the best possible price, you must secure your place right away. Remember: places are limited and are being offered on a first come, first served basis, and we thoroughly expect to sell out).

Where Will The Event Be Held?

It’s all happening at the Radisson Park Inn, Bath Road, Sipson, Heathrow, UB7 0DU.

My wife Kate will email you full venue details after you secure your place, giving you plenty of time to sort out your travel and accommodation.

You can arrive and register from 8am on Friday 4th October to collect your name-badge, swag bag and a whole host of extra bonuses I’ll be preparing for you!

Profit Maker Live will run from 9.00am to 6.00pm each day.

Seats are limited so book now

As this is such an extraordinary opportunity to change your financial future forever, I thoroughly expect Profit Maker Live! to get fully-booked in record time, so don’t delay: book now.

Click Here Now To Secure Your Place At Profit Maker Live

If you haven’t already booked your place, there must surely be ONLY ONE QUESTION on your mind right now…

“Could things change that much for me… just by attending this one event?”

The answer to that question is an emphatic YES ... because Kate and I are doing everything in our power to help you succeed and make profits like you’ve never done before.

Remember, You Get £100 Off The Regular Ticket Price When You Secure Your Place By Midnight On 29th September 2019

This £100 discount expires at midnight on the 29th September 2019, so you’ll never have a better time, than the one you have right now, to secure your place at the very best price possible.

Click Here Now To Secure Your Place At Profit Maker Live

Or you can secure your seat by PHONE. Get your card details ready, pick up the phone and call us NOW on…

UK: 0845 117 3000
International: +44 345 117 3000
(Call 24 hours a day)

Once we receive your details, whether it’s online, or by phone, your request will be processed immediately, and we will then send you an email confirmation to let you know your place has been secured.

Remember, when you respond today, your seat will be allocated to you and you’ll shortly be attending a real… live… once-in-a-lifetime event and an opportunity to change your life forever ….

See you on Friday the 4th of October!


Nick James

PS: Don’t delay: click the button above now to guarantee you make online profits in time for Christmas!

PPS: Make sure you check out all the Important FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below as they contain extra information which will really help you decide whether this event is right for you or not.

Important FAQs

“What are the dates of Profit Maker Live?”

Profit Maker Live is on the 4th 5th & 6th October 2019.

Event registration will be between 8:00 am and 9:00 AM on Friday October 4th and the event will conclude around 5.30pm on Sunday October 6th.

“I am about to book my travel and accommodation. What other details do I need?”

Profit Maker Live is taking place at the Park Inn Hotel, Bath Road, Heathrow, Sipson, London, UB7 0DU, United Kingdom. It’s right next to Heathrow Airport and just a few miles from the UK motorway network M4/M25.

After you secure your place Kate will send you an email confirmation with full venue details, and extra information about the event. You’ll also get details of accommodation at the Park Inn and other local accommodation options.

“Can I bring my spouse or a friend?”

Of course you can! I think this is a brilliant idea because you’ll be able to get their support after the event to ensure you reach your financial goals faster. However, because of our very limited seating, your spouse or guest will need to buy their own admission ticket. We suggest they book directly in their name and using their own email address.

This means that their name-badge, swag bag, etc will be ready and waiting for them when they meet us on the Friday morning.

“Why are you so enthusiastic about this new system?”

There are tons of things you can do with your valuable time which don’t make any real difference to your bottom-line profits. It’s like pedalling backwards on a bike: it takes energy but you don’t move forward! But there are a few super-smart things that are working today that didn’t work so well, or at all, last year – and you need to know what they are. Otherwise you’re pouring money down the drain. So book now and learn what to stop doing in your spare moments when you can work on your business, and learn what to start doing instead which will put money in your pockets.

“My technical ability is low. Is this event right for me?”

I have made sure that every step of the Profit Maker Blueprint is easy for you to follow. You will find this process much easier than you think. I’ll be presenting the information clearly so you won’t feel lost or overwhelmed. Plus I have my 3 friends in the room who will answer any questions you may have if I’m tied up speaking to other people.

“I feel nervous in a room with people I don’t know.”

I hear you. Contrary to what you might think, I’m an introvert myself: I much prefer people approaching me to going over to them to say hello. But other people who will be attending will be just as keen as you to make new friends and get support – plus Kate will be sending you a special report called Profit Maker Networking in the run-up to the event. You’ll find simple steps to approaching others, great questions to ask, clever ways to introduce yourself succinctly, and how to swap email addresses and phone numbers with people you think will help you reach your financial goals faster.

“I’m worried I won’t know what to do when I get back home.”

Everything you need is on the USB memory stick which you’ll get before you leave on the Sunday. You’ll find a list of ‘next actions’ to take as you walk yourself through the process. Plus I’ll be emailing you every day for 3 weeks; you can send in questions; you can get support on the webinar on the following Friday; and so much more. It will feel like you can ‘pull me out of thin air’ at any time to ask me even the silliest questions (though in truth there are no silly questions). Why are we doing this? Because Kate and I truly want you to succeed. It’s what you deserve.

“Will I really be able to make money by the end of November?”

Yes, you will. I’ll be walking you through every step. And I’ll be showing you what you need to do to get real results fast. On the USB are a series of very valuable products that you can give away or sell as soon as you get home from the event. I’ve tried to think of everything so you cannot fail.

“I’m thinking that now is not the right time for me.”

You may be right. So I fully understand if you decide that now is not the right time. But it’s worth saying that there is no perfect time. I have made decisions to travel to the States in the past when it was really inconvenient for me, but I swallowed hard and went anyway, and I’m so glad I did.

I want you to think about the worst case scenario: what if you didn’t come? Imagine ending this year, 2019, feeling down, dejected and sad that you didn’t make any decent money online in the year. You may even regret not coming once you see my emails in December showing the miracles that attendees have created for themselves. Don’t live a life of regret. Swallow hard and book now.

“What’s the situation with refunds?”

We have limited availability and we expect to sell out quickly, so it’s best to book your seat right now. However, we know that unexpected events crop up in life.

So, you can cancel your booking up to 30 days before the event and receive a full refund less £25 processing costs. Cancellations received between 30 days and 21 days before the event will receive a 75% refund of monies paid. Cancellations received between 20 and 14 days before the event will receive a 50% refund of monies paid. Cancellations received within 13 days and 7 days of the event will receive a 25% refund of monies paid. If you cancel 6 days or less prior to the event, no refund of monies will be paid.

However, if, having attended all 3 days, absorbed everything you’ve heard and having connected with me, my helpers and all the other attendees, you’re not 110% certain that this is the most sure-fire way to make money this side of Christmas, speak with Kate at the end of Sunday, just before you leave, and she’ll cheerfully organise a full refund for you. That’s how certain we are that this event will be life-transforming for you and will generate a guaranteed income before Christmas.

Will You Be Selling Videos Of The Event Or Live Streaming?

We do NOT plan to make the event available as a live stream.

While we WILL be video recording the entire three-day event, we only have plans to release the recording to event attendees. 

We are fully focused on helping the people that join us in person for this live event.

We realize you may have a long journey to make. (There will be a prize for the person making the longest journey). We already have several customers flying in from California, Wisconsin, New Zealand, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Belgium to be with us.

We realise that great things happen when you get out from behind a computer screen and travel to an event like this. We can only strongly encourage you do to the same. All the successful entrepreneurs we work with attend live events. This is no coincidence. 

What is the price for the event in USD or in other currencies?

As this event is taking place in the UK, the price is shown in the UK pounds.

For a live exchange rate we recommend you go to xe.com/pca – however, at the time of writing, £199 GBP (Great British Pounds) is the same as $245 USD.

Will there be anything offered for sale at Profit Maker Live

Like many other type of events, there will be a variety of different special offers for you to consider. Our sponsors will be offering a range of products and services during Profit Maker Live! Any such additional purchase would be purely optional on your part.

I am sure however there will be more than enough information and solutions provided directly to you both during our time together and stored on the USB drive to more than satisfy even the most discerning attendee.

I can only make it to the event Saturday & Sunday, can I still come along?

Yes absolutely.

We understand that many people still have commitments around work and family. If you are unable to join us on the Friday you are still welcome to join us for the Saturday and Sunday sessions and we will also ensure you get access to the video recordings from Friday so you won’t miss a thing.

Click Here Now To Secure Your Place At Profit Maker Live

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Heathrow, London, UK

October 4th-6th

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