Whatever you have planned for the 4th, 5th & 6th October 2019… Cancel it… Something much more important has just come up…

“Join Me As I Invite TWELVE Of The World’s Most Renowned Online Entrepreneurs To Transfer Their Proven Profit Making Skills ...to YOU!”

Join Us At The 2019

Profit Maker Live!

October 4th, 5th & 6th

Heathrow, London, UK


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Hi there!

Will you forgive me if I keep this webpage relatively short and to the point?

Because I have some very EXCITING news – But only for a decisive few that is.

Since writing and publishing my new book ‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’, my wife Kate and I have been inundated with emails, Facebook messages and voicemail recordings from readers asking us if there’s any chance that I would sit down and SHOW THEM and not ‘just tell’ them exactly how I’ve been able to pull in $16.84 Million Dollars online.

Each customer who reached out wanted exactly the same thing…. Perhaps you were one of them?

To meet face-to-face to get some kind of extra fast-start information to turbo-charge and kickstart their Information Publishing efforts.

At first, we had to politely decline because our work/life balance, existing commitments and travel plans naturally excluded us from meeting each person on a one-on-one basis.

However, following a ‘strategy session’ Kate and I had after I returned from a recent eye-opening trip to Cornwall in our Motorhome…  We’ve decided to do something very special and put together an exclusive event for our best customers called Profit Maker Live!

Today I'm delighted to announce that we have just finalised the arrangements to host this amazing event on the 4th, 5th and 6th October 2019 at the Radisson Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow, London.

Would YOU like to join us?

If you love the idea of making your full time living online and enjoying consistent profits by writing, publishing and selling Info Products(or perhaps being an affiliate marketer for those that do), then I am sure the answer to that question is a resounding YES!

So, you will find everything you need to secure your seat, together with all the details of the event, right here on this very page.

Having listened to the feedback and questions from readers of ‘Six Figure A Year In Info Publishing’, it became extremely clear to me what you should learn when we meet…

With this in mind, I set both The Goal and The Expectations for our three days together… and perhaps most importantly… what you should be able to take home with you when you leave at the end of our time together.

In short

A-N-S-W-E-R-S …

Not only answers to your specific questions, (because I will be on hand at all times during Profit Maker Live! to answer any bespoke questions you might have about putting your plan into place)

But to also have an answer to this specific question.

How To Go From Zero To $100,000 (Or More)
Within The Next 12 Months, EASILY

That’s what I have spent the last six weeks putting together for you… and without wanting to sound arrogant or flippant… I think you’re going to LOVE what I’ll be sharing with you when we meet in a few weeks time…

It will break down that goal into three distinct parts… and in turn … I’ll then show you how to break these parts down even further into several easy to implement bite-sized pieces.

If you want to spend some time with me that is…???

In fact, not only will I be on hand at Profit Maker Live! to answer your questions and go through this new presentation in step-by-step detail… but Kate, my wife, will also be on hand … as will a total of TWELVE ADDITIONAL MILLIONAIRE ENTREPRENEURS that we’ve hand-picked to join us and to also make keynote presentations for you.

Each of whom, both Kate and I, have learned a great deal from over the years… as we’ve either heard them speak at other events, sat down and had lunch or dinner together, invested in high-priced Masterminds and solved problems together, asked them to consult privately with us…. Or… in some cases, ALL of the above!

They are our personal board of advisors if you like… and now they can be on your board of advisors too … as they’ll also be on hand to help you… and support you… for the entire event.

Each has agreed to travel and be with us in person for the 4th 5th & 6th October – some are traveling from United States, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland to be with you.

Which is essentially why this event has been named Profit Maker Live!... We’ve never had so many high net worth expert profit makers coming together for three whole days… like we’re doing here. It’s going to be incredible and possibly even life-changing for those that attend.

Usually events like these costs literally thousands of pounds or dollars to attend. However, in light of our existing relationship and your previous custom, I wanted to do something very special for you when it came to reserving your seat.

After taking everything into account, the amount Kate and I eventually settled upon was just £166 per day… and as there will be four main keynote presentations per day… that works out to be just £41.50 per training session

Great value I am sure you will agree compared to the price of hiring any one of the speakers for a live ‘face-to-face’ 90 minute consultation… (my hourly consultation fee for a private client alone is over a thousand dollars… never mind twelve of us )

… and it is still amazing value by anyone's standards when compared to the price of any of our digitally downloadable products / home study courses, that range from $67-$497 on their own.

For all three days, that works out to be just £498 and it's worth every penny... And I am sure at that price we would sell all the places between now and the event without any problems at all.

However, I have always liked to reward quick decision makers and action takers. I guess it’s just something that has been built into my psyche.

In fact, at a recent Mastermind meeting, sat around the table were at least a dozen successful entrepreneurs (when I say successful … each person had to be a millionaire in order to have been invited to take a seat at the boardroom table)

… When the new guy Jase asked “How Many of you learnt to be the first?”… He was referring to either adopting a new idea, being the first buy something … or perhaps even being the first to invest capital in a new opportunity…

… Then the strangest thing happened… we each raised our hand and said “I DID”… it was a really strange moment as we each realised ALL OF US… the entire Mastermind Group … some of us who had NEVER MET BEFORE … had all had independently learned to be first.

I guess that’s when it hit me, winners, leaders, & succeeders all take action.

They’re the first to ‘grab the bull by the horns’, commit to something... and they’re always the very type of people we prefer to do business with…

… Especially over and above those that procrastinate or just talk a lot but end up doing very little etc.

So, in order to ensure the attendees at Profit Maker Live! are the ‘doing’ type… not the ‘dreaming’ type… we’ve decided to put together fast-action early bird discount similar to the way airlines sell seats for a flight.

The sooner you book your place… the bigger the discount.

To celebrate the announcement of Profit Maker Live! we’re continuing to offer a £100 Early Bird Discount which you will get automatically when you secure your place at Profit Maker Live! today.

This drops the regular price of general admission for all three days to just £399+vat… the equivalent to just £133+vat per day… or £33.25+vat per training session…

That’s less than the price of a meal for two at your local Beefeater restaurant!

Not many ‘special offers’ in life turn out to be this special… but this just happens to be one of those times…

However, please be warned, this discount is only available for a short time. Until midnight on the 29th of September. Then the £100 ‘early bird discount’ will be removed.

No excuses.

We pride ourselves on treating all customers equally and fairly. So a deadline is a deadline. No exceptions.

There really has never been a better time than right now, this very moment, to secure your seat to this amazing event.

Ready to book your seat now? .. Great then just click the button below to view and complete the secure priority booking form...

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… Or read on for extra details.

Now that you’ve discovered how absolutely affordable attending Profit Maker Live! is, let’s take a quick look at some FAST FACTS after I surveyed a random selection of attendees from our last live event.

  • FAST FACT ONE: 94% Considered The Weekend To Be Nothing Short of EXCELLENT;
  • FAST FACT TWO: 90% Declared They Would Do Something Different As A Result Of Attending;
  • FAST FACT THREE: 86% Said They Would Definitely Have No Hesitation In Recommending Attending Us To Others.

So what can you expect to learn from the experts I have invited to speak at Profit Maker Live! this year?

In most other cases, whether you are work in a 9-5 job... work in sales... or have a traditional bricks and mortar style business, each month, no matter how well you performed 'last month' on the first working day of the new month... you have to start at zero all over again...

That sucks!

So, what if there was another way? ...

... Well there is.

It's called the 'continuity income model' and unlike traditional business models, this one is like the 8th Wonder of the World.

Imagine that each month you didn't have to start from zero... in fact, you knew (give or take 10%) exactly how much money was going to come into your business in the next 30 days... Whether you decided to 'work' or not?

That's exactly what The Continuity King is going to share with you... A proven business plan that means, no matter what your product or service currently is... you can quickly set up a 'continuity based income stream' in record time.

With nearly 20 years in the business of selling online, and having generated millions of dollars in the way I have just described, there is no one I'd prefer to invite to teach this powerful method than this guy.

He has even applied this method to the S-T-R-A-N-G-E-S-T of niche markets... And helped thousands of his customers and private coaching clients to do the same....

If the idea of having a tick-tock business, that creates a recurring income appeals to you. Make sure you listen carefully to The Continuity King and take plenty of notes!

You can be absolutely certain that when you attend this event… their 'Profit Making Skills' WILL rub off on you!

The Funnel Architect is an award-winning marketing expert from a multi-million dollar software company who has coached thousands of businesses on how to build connections with their audiences.

"Success starts with relationships" says The Funnel Architect ... And he has taught people all around the world how to build those relationships through automation.

At Profit Maker Live! he's going to show you EXACTLY how you can get organised, save time and grow your business while automating some of those pesky nessessary yet repetitive tasks that just need to be done.

In order to be successful online, you need to know about setting up marketing funnels and campaigns. This is what you will discover in this session.

Thanks to the software technology The Funnel Architect will introduce to you, you'll be able to create a winning marketing funnel in record time...

Allowing you to concentrate on your strengths and let automated processes take care of the 'Attract, Selling, Wowing' of your customers and prospects that will make you successful.

Learn how to attract new customers and offer them something that will be specific to what they want.

Discover why "closing the deal" is the least important aspect of making a sale.

Find out what you can do to impress customers and get them to turn into walking referrals for you.

The best part is that, while marketing and sales can be overwhelming, it can also be automated so you set it up once and it runs itself.

Sometimes it takes someone like The Hypnotist & The Mentalist to get you to think about things in a completely different way.

Whether it's the fact that they are, by their own admission young, energetic AND completely BONKERS... (just like an over excited puppy) ...

... or the fact that they're simply hilariously funny...

You cannot help but be ENERGISED and INVIGORATED just by being in the same room as them.

But there are also serious lessons to be learnt.

The Mentalist & The Hypnotist have always thought about life differently to most people.

Just observing their outlook on life encourages us to take another look at things from a different perspective.

Yes they always thinks positively... not negatively...

Yes, they always strives to set and achieve goals... rather than reflecting on the past

Yes, they naturally believe that anything is possible that you set your mind to...

and No, they don't believe that we need to 'conform' to the way society expects us to be ... or to be a 'worker bee' putting up with  mundane existents.

But instead to live a life full of MEANING.

It's these principles that have meant their entire lifes have been a journey of personal growth and development.

Since sticking two fingers up to the idea of having a job and 'working' for a living... They have become professional performers, comedians, stage hypnotists, speakers, podcasters, coaches, software developers and a multi-million dollar direct marketers...

There is a whole array of things you will learn from your time with The Mentalist & The Hypnotist, however the MAIN THING you're going to learn is...

The knack of asking your customers and prospects 'the right question at exactly the right time' ... In order to boost your profits like you HAD hypnotised them yourself... 🙂

There's nothing voodoo like taking place... nothing underhand whatsoever... but this is highly profitable and it's the nearest thing to Magic Marketing I have ever seen.

... It works like gangbusters. It's ethical, it helps your customers... and you can add it to your online business very quickly.... (In less than 60 minutes!)

The Split Tester has shown us how to T-R-I-P-L-E our monthly profits instantly.

Whenever he talks, I’ve learned to listen.

If someone was to ask me what my biggest mistake has been over the last 18 years… it would be not split testing.

Split Testing is essentially the process of testing to see which headline, subject line, ad copy or price works best.

I’d always assumed it was too timely, complicated or boring.

How W-R-O-N-G… Could I be?

I’m man enough to admit it.

As The Split Tester will explain, this one simple technique could be the difference between a loss making campaign and one that generates you a net profit of $1m or more.

As The Split Tester says: “Just as small hinges swing big doors and a small rudder can turn a huge ship… split testing can turn around a project in no time at all”

I am a convert and split testing has become part of my everyday life. In creating both Facebook ads, sending email marketing and writing sales copy.

What you’ll learn from The Split Tester during his Keynote Presentation will literally CHANGE the way you think about list building, writing short email copy and writing longer ad copy from then onwards. In fact The Split Tester will also show you how you can see each of his split tests every week to keep on top of your game. Knowing which Headlines / Subject Lines are winners will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

The Split Tester is right at the top of his game. In fact he will even show you first hand what you should be split testing for and why.

He’ll explain why most people that teach email marketing are teaching their students to focus on the WRONG statistics entirely… which data to concentrate on to DOUBLE your sales from email marketing … and what to focus on if you want to TRIPLE what you’re currently getting. (No one else is teaching this anywhere - heck they never even thought of doing it!).

And that’s just the start… in fact you’re going to learn so much from this one single presentation… I know it will be worth at least 10x your ticket no questions asked.

I travelled half way accross the World to spend three days with The Professor in July this year, at a cost of some $25,000...

... And it was THE BEST investment I've made in a very long time.

In fact, that investment is set to give me the most OUTRAGEOUS return on investment I could ever dream about... in fact it's already started.

The very first time I implemented the strategies he taught me... I made back more than my investment, right off the bat!

Why am I telling you this? 

Simply because I want you to know that what this guy teaches is the 'real deal' and because of the friendship I struck up with him since our first meeting... and because of the success he has seen in what's happened since we first met... The Professor has agreed to fly to the UK for the FIRST TIME EVER...

... and accept an invitation to make a Keynote Presentation at Profit Maker Live! which will BLOW YOUR MIND.... I guarantee it.

That's because The Professor is going to show you how you can, in record time, create a highly profitable Webinar Presentation that Joint Venture Partners will be queuing up to partner with you on.

Webinars by far are the HOTTEST WAY to Joint Venture with list owners. As soon as you have a Webinar that converts like gangbusters... You are going to be everyone's best friend. What you'll learn from The Professor will show you EXACTLY how to create such a webinar... just like he showed me.

He'll also introduce you to SEVERAL PEOPLE that have gone on to make tens, thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars implementing these exact strategies.

There is a reason I invested $25k and flew half-way around the World to spend time in his company.

He's worth every penny.

Don't under-estimate what you will learn from The Professor... nor the cost saving... of him having agreed to speak at Profit Maker Live!

This is definitely a Keynote Presentation not to be missed.

Look at their track records… and it’s clear to see that these guys (and gals) know EXACTLY what to do to make HUGE Profits online week in, week out, month after month…

The AI Robot is Smarter than the average.

That’s why he will only take a few minutes to let you into a secret that will show you how to EXPLODE your list building efforts thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Imagine knowing exactly which buttons to press on your computer keyboard.. and when to click the mouse… to unleash the power of some extremely clever automated software… which could 10X 100X or perhaps even 1000X your email sign ups.

The AI Robot’s presentation will be fast-paced… and introduce you to his own proprietary software that can put your list building efforts into over drive. What’s more is that there’ll be a very special Profit Maker Live! special offer made, should you wish to take this software home with you.

Confused about Facebook, Twitter, Insta-thingy and the rest of the Social Media sites out there?

Then let's do something about that quickly and simply...

After all, this guy might be a fully qualified scientist... But making huge profits with Social Media needn't be like Rocket Science!

The Social Scientist made his first two online sales on only his second day attempting to sell using Twitter, where he built up a following of over 30,000 prospects in just one month.

From here his online success rapidly grew to in excess of $10,000 a month (within just six months of starting his online business). His reputation became widely known and companies of all sizes started requesting his help to help them grow their online brand and bottom line profits.

Since those early days his attention quickly spread to mastering all the Social Media channels. His methods have proven themselves time and time again and he has a huge demand for his consultancy services throughout all four corners of the Globe with World renowned businesses, government agencies, speakers, Hollywood & sporting celebrities, all relying on his expertise.

At Profit Maker Live! you will learn the quickest, fasted and time tested strategies that will instantly put you and your business in the same position as his high-paying consultancy clients...

... Clients that represent some of the largest blue-chip companies on the planet. Think about it... your Social Media presence and your website will have the same sized shop window as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and others. The rest is simply down to L-E-V-E-R-A-G-E and that's exactly what you'll discover how to do during this Keynote Presentation.

You may often hear about 'Living The Internet Marketing Lifestyle' ... Perhaps sitting on the beach in Bora Bora, The Maldives or perhaps Zanzibar.... Sipping cocktails and making a fortune from your sun-lounger... However the reality is that MOST people simply don't live that way...

... They are too busy working in their business... or thinking that they need to know 'everything' in order to be successful...


Instead of trying to do everything yourself... The RockStar.... will show you how you can live the Internet Marketing Lifestyle... Never be chained to a desk... be more pro-active, get more done in your business... and MAKE HIGHER PROFITS by NOT trying to do everything yourself...

... and outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant instead!

... And contrary to popular opinion it needn't be expensive...

Done correctly... the way The RockStar teaches it ... everything can be done for you... at the right price ... and by someone that loves the more technical side of using computers.

Giving you the perfect balance of enjoying growing your online business in style.... safe in the knowledge that you have your own personal team to support you.

What sets The RockStar apart from many others is that he has applied his winning formulas to multiple businesses and has generated millions in the process. He doesn’t teach from theory or basic motivational chit chat.

He has a unique ability to evaluate almost any business very quickly and recommend practical solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Remember, done the right way, 'outsourcing' is not going to cost 'heaven and earth'... by the end of this keynote presentation ... you will know exactly how to kickstart your Profit Making New Year in style.

I call him The Podcast Hero because he has been tapping into a never-ending flow of new prospects and customers (for free) ever since the beginning of iTunes... he has mastered the art of reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers in record time... on a tight shoe string budget!

Not only has The Podcast Hero generated millions of dollars in sales - and sold a quarter of a million books... but he has helped generate billions of dollars in sales for his 10,000+ clients in 30 different countries around the World.

The Podcast Hero started his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 8 years old, whilst living in a 'trailer park' in East Los Angeles... Since then he has never looked back... Today he lives in a beautiful hilltop home on an island in the South Pacific...

So, I guess he gets the award for travelling the furthest distance to be with you at Profit Maker Live! to share with you his system for marketing yourself online which includes:

How to reach billions of people each and every year... (for free) thanks to Podcasts and reach untapped audiences who'll WANT to hear about you and your product.

Why complete "newbies" … with NO internet marketing experience … can often do better capitalising on this method than experienced marketers

The mind-blowing reason why the people you connect with via Podcasts immediately know, like and trust you (and then do what they say)… more so than any other audience on earth!

The 9 most effective things to offer and give away for free to build an email list … specifically suited to a Podcast audience.

Plus, you'll also discover the similarities between Webinars and Podcasts that will blow your mind. Even if you completely 'suck' at all other forms of online marketing... and you only have the skill your parents gave you - the ability to 'speak' - then you have all the skills required to copy exactly what The Podcast Hero does to make immense profits online.

Against all odds

... The Tribal Profit Queen has overcome it all... and no matter where you are in your life right now, when you hear her story, you'll be inspired with exactly how much you can achieve in your lifetime...

There was one specific day when things changed. And boy did they change... Quickly...  both physically and mentally.

Since that point The Tribal Profit Queen has never looked back...

She first became an entrepreneur out of necessity many many years ago, because (as she is happy to admit), she was fired from every job she ever had!

Since starting upon her entrepreneurial journey she has seen outstanding success in a wide variety of different ventures. She’s an international best selling author, was an international world championship sports woman and international woman winemaker of the world in 2009.

However, that's NOT what she will be talking about at Profit Maker Live! ... Her real passion is to help empower people from all countries and backgrounds to take control of their lives, their choices and their destiny. And together with her husband, she is doing this with complete dedication and style.

The great thing, as you will discover is that The Tribal Profit Queen does things in a completely different way both I, and the rest of the speakers you'll be hearing from at Profit Maker Live!, do things.

That's a good thing!

So be prepared for something completely different from the moment she steps on the stage. You will love what she has to share with you and the speed in which you can implement what she shows you.

And last but not least … There's me...

I'm also making that special Keynote presentation...  during this exclusive 3-Day event and teaching you that THREE PART STRATEGY I mentioned above...

During my time with you I will focus all my attention on ensuring you know how to turbo-charge your productivity and learning: How To Go From Zero To $100,000 (Or More) Within The Next 12 Months, EASILY.

And I will also teach you:

The Best Method Of Learning.

How To Overcome 'The Three Walls' That Are Holding You Back From Success.

The Three Part Formula You Need To Follow To Keep Yourself On The Right Track.

The Kick-Through The Board Principle That Will Virtually Guarantee Success (In All You Do).

Why You Need To Ensure Your Products Have A Tunnel Vision Focus.

How A 2,499 Year Old Strategy That Won An Ancient War Is Your Secret To Having A higher Presence Online.

and much much more...

Where Will The Workshop Be Held?

The stylish, executive hotel that we've selected for the event is the Radisson Park Inn, Bath Road, Sipson, Heathrow, UB7 0DU.

The same hotel where I've held several previous events and with such positive feedback from delegates about the venue, we have decided to hold Profit Maker Live! in The Discovery Suite, the largest ballroom / event space in the Heathrow area.

Full venue details will be emailed to you after you secure your place, giving you plenty of time to finalise your travel and accommodation requirements.

Profit Maker Live! Schedule

9:00 AM         Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

9.05 AM         An Introduction To Our Sponsors

9:15 AM         Presentation – How To Go From Zero To $100k (Or More) Within The Next 12 Months

10:45 AM       BREAK

11.15 AM       Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

11:20 AM        Presentation – How To Go From Zero To $100k (Or More) Within The Next 12 Months

1:00 PM         LUNCH BREAK

2:00 PM         Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

2:05 PM         Presentation – The Funnel Architect

3:30 PM         BREAK

4:00 PM         Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

4.05 PM         Presentation – The Continuity King

5:30 PM         BREAK

8:30 PM         VIP Networking Party – With Close Up Card Shark Chris Burton, in The Discovery Suite Breakout Area

(subject to change)

9:00 AM         Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

9.05 AM         An Introduction To Our Sponsors

9:15 AM         Presentation – the Mentalist

10:45 AM       BREAK

11.15 AM       Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

11:20 AM       Presentation – The Split Tester

1:00 PM         LUNCH BREAK

2:00 PM         Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

2:05 PM         Presentation – The Professor

3:30 PM         BREAK

4:00 PM         Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

4.05 PM         Presentation – THE AI ROBOT

4.35 PM         Presentation – SPONSOR

5:30 PM         BREAK

8:30 PM         VIP Networking Party – Disco Karaoke, in The Discovery Suite Breakout Area

(subject to change)

9:00 AM         Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

9.05 AM         An Introduction To Our Sponsors

9:15 AM         Presentation – The Social Scientist

10:45 AM       BREAK

11.15 AM       Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

11:20 AM       Presentation – The Rock Star

1:00 PM         LUNCH BREAK

2:00 PM         Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

2:05 PM         Presentation – The Podcast Hero

3:30 PM         BREAK

4:00 PM         Premium Prize Giveaway by our Sponsor in Discovery Suite Ballroom

4.05 PM         Presentation – The Tribal Profit Queen

5:30 PM         Event Ends

(subject to change)

Profit Maker Live! will be an action-packed event and the dates are ROCK SOLID, so you can secure your place and book your travel and accommodation with confidence.

Profit Maker Live! will be conducted in the self contained Discovery Suite with plenty of light and space… and for your added comfort we have arranged a “classroom” environment, which means that you will have a table to set up your laptop or tablet on, and have space to layout your notebook and take notes – just like you would if you were in the office. (Whilst we welcome you to bring your own laptop to make notes, it is not a requirement).

Event registration will start on Friday 4th October at: 8:00am where you will be able to collect your name-badge, lanyard, swag bag and a whole host of EXTRA BONUSES that I have not even had the chance to tell you about yet!

Profit Maker Live! will run from 9.00am-6.00pm each day.

There will also be plenty of additional networking opportunities each evening. Whether it be a drinks reception, disco karaoke, or simply networking in the lobby or the bar area…. We encourage you to take every opportunity to mingle and get to know other Profit Maker Live! attendees.

Special Early Bird Discount - But ONLY When You Confirm Your Place Today...

As mentioned above, we thoroughly expect Profit Maker Live! to sell out in record time…. Heck over a dozen customers twisted my arm to get tickets before I officially launched this website.

However, I know you want to know you’re getting the very best deal … and to be honest, both Kate and I love to reward action takers too…

So here’s what we have decided to do.

We’ve programmed the secure booking form to automatically apply a £100 ‘early bird discount’ off the regular ticket price. This ‘early bird discount’ is only available for a short time… So to guarantee your seat for the best possible price, you should secure your place right away (remember places are limited and are being offered on a first come, first served basis, and we thoroughly expect to sell out).

Just like an airline… the fewer seats left… and the closer we get to the event… the price will only go up.


Click Here Now To Secure Your Place At Profit Maker Live!

If you have not already booked your place, there must surely be ONLY ONE QUESTION on your mind right now:…

“Could Things Change That Much For Me… Just By Attending This One Event?”

The answer to that question is an emphatic YES ... and here are 3 reasons why I feel so confident.

Reason Number 1.

I promise that you will receive more USABLE money making information per hour at Profit Maker Live! than ANY other type of learning experience, you could invest in this year.

When it comes to making profits, the speakers you are going to be hearing from clearly do far much better than the average person and they make achieving those superior results look soooooo EASY (compared to what the average person has to go through, just to come up with even mediocre results!).

They have all MASTERED how to run businesses that create consistent and considerable online profits.

If you’ve ever read a book or watched a video from an expert ... then you have surely done so because you want to achieve Mastery yourself.

Yes, you can learn from reading books. Yes, you can learn from watching videos.

“… But there’s a magic that happens when you spend time in the presence of a Master… “

Many successful entrepreneurs have openly revealed that their own personal breakthrough DIDN’T come from reading a book and it DIDN’T come from watching a video...

... it came after attending an event where they finally ‘connected’ with the author of the book or the presenter of the video in person. The connections you will be making during Profit Maker Live!  could really be priceless to you.

Your opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazingly successful digital entrepreneurs really could be the trigger point for your very own financial breakthrough!

Reason Number 2.

You are going to receive a unique ‘idea catcher/action point notebook for all your 'ah-ha moments' AND continuous guidance/assistance throughout our entire three days together to ensure that you miss absolutely nothing and capture absolutely every gem of advice.

Without this action point notebook and ‘idea spotting’ assistance, there is a severe risk that you will be completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of profit-making information that the speakers we’ve hand-picked to make keynote presentations have agreed to deliver to you.

Think about it; these guys (and gals) are all highly competitive people and each and every one of them will want to be ‘crowned’ as Profit Maker Live’s! best speaker ultimately that is going to come down to WHO delivers the best information ...

So, the pressure will be on each and every one of them to get down to it and deliver their very best information.

Reason Number 3.


You are going to take home a fully interactive multimedia USB Drive that will enable you to apply and use the information, ideas and concepts you learn from the experts on stage throughout the event in a way that you’ve never been able to do before.

Implementation is EVERYTHING! (You already know that.)

But still, we’ve all done it … got completely ‘buzzed up’ about something in the moment only to let life get in the way of the follow through that is absolutely essential to getting a result and putting money in the bank.

Well, I got to thinking about this ‘phenomena’ and decided that this wasn’t going to happen after Profit Maker Live!

I’m promising you an extremely Profitable NEW YEAR starting on Friday 4th October and the only way I’m going to be able to deliver on that promise, is to make sure that you TAKE ACTION after the event!

So we’ve already put a huge amount of effort into creating an Interactive Multimedia USB to help ensure that you really do become a Profit Maker! in the shortest amount of time possible

The USB is actually a complete money making programme in itself that will be handed to you upon the conclusion of our time together (and rest assured the content it contains will be worth at least 10 times the price of admission) and will be given to you COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE for use immediately after you return home.

This incredible Multimedia USB Drive is worth AT LEAST TEN TIMES the price of your admission to Profit Maker Live!

You will receive:

  • A 21-day Implementation Journal.
  • A 7 Part S.M.A.R.T. Productivity Coaching Program to help you become much more productive in all you do in life, especially with your entrepreneurial efforts.
  • 7 Specially Prepared Feature Length Profit Maker Business Blueprints from each of the speakers including myself.
  • A Procrastination Busting post-event webinar to get you through any 'seminar blues' road blocks and well on your way to achieving your success goals.

Plus, much more... as I will be cramming this exclusive Profit Maker Live! USB drive with more features over the day and weeks leading up to the big event itself.

However, for a little bit of extra ‘encouragement’ how about we also include a ...

£2,500 Cash Prize Draw

According to the psychologists it takes JUST 21 days of consistent effort to change someone’s behaviour so that they will do what successful people do ... on autopilot.

With this in mind, I am going to set a challenge for each attendee… a little bit of additional fun and  incentivization to help keep you focused and on track for the first 21 days of your Profit Making NEW YEAR!

So, I’m going to put some money on the table to encourage you to take ACTION and stick with your plan for those critical 21 days.

I’ll choose the winner exactly 21 days after Profit Maker Live! and the judging process will be simple. The person that I see trying the hardest and demonstrating the best use of the implementation kit and the S.M.A.R.T. Productivity Coaching Program on the USB drive, will win a cool £2,500 tax free cash prize!

And the good news is EVERYONE that follows through for the 21 days will be a winner… from my experience it’s impossible to not succeed when you apply yourself consistently!

We have not hosted an event this grand… on this scale… or packed with so many speakers ever before…

So this will be something very special to be sure…

The good news is that Profit Maker Live! 2019 looks set to be bigger and better than anything we have ever hosted before…

Everything from the hand-picked selection of awesome keynote speakers, to the venue, our sponsors, … And of course how one attendee will receive £2,500 in tax free cash!…

But this is not going to be the only prize on offer during this amazing event…

Actually, let me quickly explain.

Thousands Of Pounds Worth Of Premium Prize Giveaways Each Day

We have teamed up with our sponsors to provide a selection of premium electronic and computer-based prizes, which have been hand-picked to help you with your online business…

Upon registration, when you collect your personalised name-badge and lanyard, you will also be given a selection of prize draw tickets.

At the beginning of each keynote presentation, one of our sponsors will draw out a ticket… if your ticket is called out… then you will win the premium prize that is being given away at that time…

The only rule is that you must be sat in your seat … in the Discovery Suite Ballroom... at the time of the drawing. If you’re not there… another ticket will be drawn… so be sure to be in your seats on time to maximise your chance of winning !! 🙂

That’s it!

Can you see how myself, Kate, our specially invited experts, our sponsors… in fact the entire team of Profit Maker Live! team are going to do EVERYTHING in our power to help you succeed and make profits like you’ve never done before?

Remember, You Get £100 Off The Regular Ticket Price When You Secure Your Place By Midnight 
On 29nd September 2019

Remember, right now you can enjoy a £100 ‘early bird discount’ off the regular admission price when you secure your place today.

This £100 discount expires at Midnight on the 29th September 2019, so you’ll never have a better time, than the one you have right now, to secure your place at the very best price possible.

Click Here Now To Secure Your Place At Profit Maker Live!

Here’s How To Secure Your Seat At Profit Maker Live! Today…. For Just £399+vat

There are TWO Simple Ways To Secure Your Seat At Profit Maker Live!

THE QUICKEST WAY to secure your seat is ONLINE …

Simply click the button below to visit the secure booking form, complete your details and we will automatically add you to the guest list.

We’ll also send you an email confirmation together with some additional details about the event, booking accommodation at the venue, as well as a few other accommodation options.

Click Here Now To Secure Your Place At Profit Maker Live!

The NEXT QUICKEST way to secure your seat is by PHONE…  have your card details ready, pick up the phone and call us NOW on

UK 0845 117 3000

International +44 845 117 3000

(24 Hours)

Once we receive your details, whether it’s online, or by phone, your request will be processed immediately, and we will then send you an email confirmation to let you know your place has been secured.

Remember when you respond today, your seat will be allocated to you and you’ll shortly be attending a REAL … LIVE…. once in a lifetime event and an opportunity to change your life forever …. And of course, you’ll also receive your UNIQUE IDEA CATCHER ACTION POINT NOTEBOOK, swag bag and MULTIMEDIA USB DRIVE, which is worth at least £1,500 in real product value.

Yes, I’m booking my place Nick but I’ve got 3 questions ...

1. Where is the event being held?

We’re at the Radison Park Inn Hotel at Heathrow, just off the M4 spur road / Bath Road junction, at Heathrow Airport. The location of so many of our previous successful workshops!

Full venue directions/details will be emailed  to you after you confirm your place, together with details of special rate accommodation at both the Park Inn and surrounding hotels and guest houses, which will giving you plenty of time to arrange your travel and accommodation plans. Please remember this is a ticketed event and likely to sell out. Tickets much be purchased in advance. Tickets are not available to be purchased at the venue.

2. What time do I need to be there?

Morning registration is from 8:00am and we will start promptly at 9:00am on all three days.

We will be aiming to finish at 6.00pm on Friday & Saturday evening to give those who wish to attend, time to get ready for the VIP Networking Events* later on those evenings. On Sunday, we aim to finish a little earlier at around 5:30pm, however rest assured I’ll be on site until the last person leaves in case anyone has any unanswered questions.

3. I want to book more than one place.

Great!, each person should purchase their own ticket in their own name for admission. This also ensures that everyone is provided with a swag bag, name-badge, lanyard, prize draw tickets and the multimedia USB drive to take home.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm!

We fully expect Profit Maker Live! 2019 will sell out very, very quickly (in fact nearly half the available seats have already been taken in the last 14 days).

With this in mind, I would encourage you to confirm your place right away, together with any extra tickets you want to purchase for family, friends or business partners.

If for some reason you haven’t booked yet, then it can only be because you’re either not sure if this event is for you ... or ... you’ve just booked a once in a lifetime, round-the-world cruise that starts on Friday 4th of October ... and you’re now in two minds as to whether you should still go or attend Profit Maker Live! and loose your £2,000 deposit for the cruise!

If it’s a choice between the cruise and attending Profit Maker Live! then your choice is obvious … I’ll see you bright and early on Friday 4th October 😉

However, if you’re still not sure if this event is right for you, then that decision DOES require serious contemplation.

My thoughts are:

You SHOULDN’T attend if ...

  • You believe that it takes a special kind of person to achieve consistent online profits and that’s it’s just not teachable (especially to someone like you!).

You SHOULD attend if ...

  • You’re serious about turning your dream of running a profitable internet business into a reality and you want to do it THIS YEAR!
  • You’re not afraid to invest in yourself BUT you are fed up of attending workshops and seminars where you are left at the end of it wondering what on earth you should do next.
  • You know deep down that you can do this but you also know that you are missing a piece of the puzzle and are willing to invest 3 days of your time to find out what it is.
  • You understand that ‘implementation is everything’ but you still find yourself struggling to get down to ‘it’, so you can’t wait to get your hands on the post event Implementation USB drive.
  • You believe that if someone else has learned how to do something then so can you and what you want to learn more than anything else is ... MASTER how to make consistent monthly profits.

I look forward to welcoming you to Profit Maker Live!  which remember, takes place on the 4th 5th & 6th October 2019. I know you’ll be delighted that you decided to come along and join us.

So reserve your place right now.


Nick James

Profit Maker Live!

Heathrow, London, UK

October 4th-6th

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What Are The Dates Of Profit Maker Live! 2019

Profit Maker Live! is on the 4th 5th & 6th October 2019.

Event registration will start at 8:00 am – 9:00 AM on Friday October 4th and the event will conclude around 5.30pm on Sunday October 6th.

I am about to book my travel and accommodation. Please can you tell me the precise dates, times and venue details?

Profit Maker Live! 2019 is taking place at the Park In Hotel, Bath Road, Heathrow, Sipson, London, UB7 0DU ,United Kingdom. Right next to Heathrow Airport and just a few miles from the UK Motorway network M4/M25

Event registration will start at 8:00 am – 9:00 AM on Friday October 4th and the event will conclude around 5.30pm on Sunday October 6th.

After you secure your place we will send you an email confirmation with full venue details, extra information about the event and details of accommodation at the Park in and other local accommodation options.

Can anyone attend this event?

Yes, if you want to take your business to the next level, then Profit Maker Live! is for you.

This event is for those that want to make more profit from an online business but require the strategy, guidance, methods and connections to do that.

Whether you consider yourself to be a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced there will definitely be something for you at Profit Maker Live!

Can I bring my Spouse or Guest?

Of course you can! However because of our VERY limited seating, your spouse or guest will also be required to purchase their own admission ticket. We suggest they book directly in their name and using their own email address.

This means that their name-bade, lanyard, swag bag and prize draw tickets will also be ready and waiting for them at registration in their name.

Can I Get A Refund If I Can’t Attend?

We have limited availability and we expect to sell out quickly. Securing your seat early is recommended. However we know that sometimes things that are quite unexpected crop up in life.

As such we have the following refund policy in place which offers the most amount of protection and flexibility to both parties.

You can cancel your booking up to 30 days before the event and receive a full refund less £25 processing costs. Cancellations received between 30 days and 21 days before the event will receive a 75% refund of monies paid. Cancellations received between 20 and 14 days before the event will receive a 50% refund of monies paid. Cancellations received within 13 days and 7 days of the event will receive a 25% refund of monies paid. Cancellations received 6 days or less prior to the event will receive no refund of monies paid. The event starts at 9am October 4th 2019.

Please do not book more tickets than you need. We have limited availability and we expect to sell out quickly.

Will there be anything offered for sale at Profit Maker Live

Like many other type of events, there will be a variety of different special offers for you to consider. Our sponsors will be offering a range of products and services during Profit Maker Live! Any such additional purchase would be purely optional on your part.

I am sure however there will be more than enough information and solutions provided directly to you both during our time together and stored on the USB drive to more than satisfy even the most discerning attendee.

What is the price for the event in USD or in other currencies?

As this event is taking place in the UK, the price is shown in the UK pounds.

For a live exchange rate we recommend you go to xe.com/pca – however, at the time of writing, £199 GBP (Great British Pounds) is the same as $245 USD.

Will You Be Selling Videos Of The Event Or Live Streaming?

We do NOT plan to make the event available as a live stream.

While we WILL be video recording the entire three-day event, we only have plans to release the recording to event attendees. 

We are fully focused on helping the people that join us in person for this live event.

We realize you may have a long journey to make. (There will be a prize for the person making the longest journey). We already have several customers flying in from California, Wisconsin, New Zealand, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Belgium to be with us.

We realise that great things happen when you get out from behind a computer screen and travel to an event like this. We can only strongly encourage you do to the same. All the successful entrepreneurs we work with attend live events. This is no coincidence. 

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